How the right Poop stool will help you poop better

Did you know that squatting is necessary to poop better? Scientifically proved by the Clinic at Stanford University. Squatting was the normal healthy position for pooping before the advent of the toilet seat. This is the only position which allows for complete elimination. It is a luxury and a convenience but … Obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation, large intestine diseases, colitis etc…

Poop Stool

Look at this muscle, called the Puborectalis  muscle.

It helps keep your poop in place by kinking your colon. In sitting position your Puborectalis  muscle is only partially relaxed. But it shouldn’t be like that.

In this position the muscle is fully relaxed. Then everything becomes

  1. Easy
  2. Effective
  3. Healthy

This is why everybody need a toilet poop Stool designed in the exact dimensions  to position the body at the required 35 degrees.

Is squatting or sitting better?

There is a lot of questions about whether squatting on the toilet is better for you than sitting on it. But what does science say?

A lot of investigating has been conducted on squatting versus sitting. What we know is that there really is an optimal body position on the toilet which can help you improve your health in general or prevent certain diseases.

The Continence Foundation of Australia states it is best:

  • sitting with your knees higher than your hips (use a foot stool or other flat, stable object if necessary)
  • lean forward and put your elbows on your knees
  • relax and bulge out your stomach
  • straighten your spine

Hovering above the toilet seat in a squat can be difficult on the pelvic floor muscles, never mind you’re doing a number one or number two. But if you use the right poop stool, squatting is the easiest thing to do.

A Poop stool can prevent Hemorrhoids

Do you love to read on the toilet? Do you like to surf the internet or check the phone while on it?

Sitting for a long time on the toilet can lead to excess time spent straining, which can put pressure on the rectum and cause hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids happen very often and they are treatable, but it is very uncomfortable to have them, so if you can avoid them, you have to do your best. Avoid distracting yourself while on the toilet – once your business is done it’s time to go.

A different reason of hemorrhoids is the regular straining too hard to pass poo or constantly being constipated. If you’re sitting and straining to go for longer periods of time, it’s best to leave the toilet and try again later. If you think you’re constipated, visit your doctor and receive help on the issue.

Toilet stools – are they the answer?

Nowadays, when squatting the way we did in the past is not possible anymore, it is better to use a more modern approach – toilet stools for squatting in addition to your modern toilet. This way you can make your pooping a healthy one.

All you do is put a toilet stool right under your toilet seat and place gently your feet on it while on the toilet.

This will make the time spent on toilet a lot less and defecation a lot easier and effective. Toilet stools are the best decision for children and a great prevention of their colon health.

What type of toilet poop stool is the best?

There are specially designed toilet stools for squatting – made out of plastic, bamboo, wood or ceramic. Some people even use small regular chairs.

But is this the best choice in order to get the health benefits?

The most hygienic type of poop stool is actually the ceramic one. It does not retain bacteria as it can be easily and regularly washed off and sanitized unlike the wooden or plastic ones which do retain bacteria and cannot be so well washed away.

The other detail to watch for when picking a toilet squat stool is the inclination of the steps. The best type is the one which allows your feet to be lightly inclined forwards – as it is in the natural squatting position. This inclination of the toilet stool will resemble completely natural squatting and will make pooping even more effective than just putting any stool under your feet.

The right paper use

Some people may scrunch, others may fold – speaking about  toilet paper, there are some details you should keep in mind. Ladies should always wipe from front to back, to help avoid urinary tract infections. And if you’ve got hemorrhoids, it’s better to gently pat the area, or even wash it instead of wiping it.